Learn Java Programming

Learn Java Programming Language Free- Java Introduction


Learn Java Programming Language free- Java Introduction

Learn Java Programming Language free- Java Introduction

Learn Java Programming Language free- Java Introduction

Introduction to Java

• Java is one the fastest growing programming technologies of all time.
• It is an object-oriented programming language.

Who developed java programming language ?

• It was developed by James Gosling and team at Sun Microsystems in 1995.
• It was initially named ‘Oak’ but later renamed to ‘Java‘.
• It is an interpreted and compiled programming language.

What is the reason behind Java Development ?

Need for a platform-independent language to work for various consumer electronic.
An easy and cost efficient way was needed to create compilers.
C and C++ compilers were targeted for a particular CPU.
Compilers are expensive and their creation is time consuming

What is the Later Scope in Java?

Main features in Java programming language?

  1. Write Once, Run Anywhere(WORA)
  2. Object Oriented− In Java, everything is an Object. Java can be easily extended since it is based on the Object model.
  3. Platform Independent − Unlike many other programming languages including C and C++, when Java is compiled, it is not compiled into platform specific machine, rather into platform independent.
  4. Simple− Java is quite simple to learn as it is designed so.
  5. Secure− With Java’s secure feature, it enables to develop virus-free, tamper-free systems. Authentication techniques are based on public-key encryption.
  6. Architecture-neutral− Java compiler generates an architecture-neutral object file format, which makes the compiled code executable on any processor with Java runtime system(JVM-Java Virtual Machine).
  7. Portable− Architecture-neutrality and no implementation dependent aspects of the specification makes Java portable. It means that you can run Java bytecode on any hardware that has a compliant JVM.
  8. Robust− Java achieves robustness by doing strict type checking at compile time. Java also does very good memory management and has good exception handling framework, which makes it more robust.
  9. Multithreaded− With Java’s multithreaded feature it is possible to write programs that can perform many tasks simultaneously. This helps to construct interactive applications that can run smoothly.
  10. Interpreted− Independent Java byte code generated by compiler is interpreted/translated to native machine instructions by Java Interpreter in JVM which assures error free execution.
  11. High Performance− With the use of Just-In-Time compilers, Java enables high performance.
  12. Distributed− Java is designed for the distributed environment of the internet.
  13. Dynamic− Java is highly adaptable to an evolving environment in comparison to its predecessors. Java programs can carry extensive amount of run-time information. It can load new already-compiled classes at runtime, in a standard and language-supported way.

What is Java Software or Java Software Development ?

Sun Microsystems has ported the Java language as a product called the Java Development Kit(JDK).

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a software development environment used for developing Java applications and applets. It includes-

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Development Tools
  • Additional Libraries
  • Compiler (javac)
  • Interpreter/loader (java)
  • Archiver (jar)
  • Documentation generator (javadoc)
  • Demo programs
  • Source Code

Image result for jdk jre

Description of Main Parts in Java Software

  • Java Compiler(javac)

It translates the source code into class files

  • Java Interpreter(Java)

It executes Java

  • JVM(Java Virtual Machine)
  • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) inside JRE is the runtime engine of the Java Platform, which allows any program written in Java or other language compiled into Java code to run on any computer that has a native JVM.
  • It forms a layer of abstraction for the underlying hardware platform, the operating system, and the compiled code.
  • JVMs run in both clients and servers, and the Web browser can activate the JVM when it encounters a Java applet.
  • Execution of code is done through this process-
  • Loading .class files
  • Managing memory
  • Garbage Collection
  • Just-inTime(JIT) compiler

The JVM includes a just-in-time (JIT) compiler that converts the java codeinto machine language so that it runs as fast as a native executable.

Java Process Flow Diagram

  • The code written by programmer called the source code(in .java file) is compiled by the Java Compiler.
  • The compiled code is in the form of machine independent code(in .class file).
  • The codes can be handled by any machine having Java Virtual Machine(JVM) installed in it.
  • The JIT(Just-in-time) compiler converts the java code into machine dependent code called Native code faster than Java interpreter), and executes it.

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